Flow of Life Wellness

I provide the space and the energy. You show up, however you are in that moment. And we let it unfold . . .

You come as you are. In your work clothes, or your sweats. You leave your responsibilities outside, and enter a sanctuary space that is designed for relaxation, repose, and clarity. 

 You come because you're ready...

Ready to relax, ready to find your center, ready to clarify the toxins that seeped their way into your mind, your body, your soul. A shift in your energy will help you shed that, and so much more.

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Reiki is relaxing, clarifying, grounding. 

It is inspiring and life-giving.  

 It is your time, to care for all of you, in mind, body and soul. So that you can live in the world as your best self. 

It is the science of energy.

Reiki Sessions with Steph assist you to consciously navigate the various aspects of your life where the energy isn't fluid. Sometimes life goes smoothly, and sometimes we get caught up by the struggles and can't see our way out of the present dilemma. 

Your devotion to your best self is how you may serve others more fully. 

"What if I fall?  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"  - Erin Hanson

Flow of Life Wellness




Hours of Operation

Tues-Sat by appt.

Steph offers individual sessions at 
94 Locust Ave in Danbury, CT.
Located inside CCWC/Midwifery Office.

House calls upon request.

Business Events too!

The mission of Flow of Life Wellness is to aid individuals and groups on their path to improving overall well-being through the utilization of mind-body-soul awareness techniques that facilitate growth and development for purposeful living in a dynamic world.