Flow of Life Wellness

I provide the space and the energy. You show up, however you are in that moment. And we let it unfold . . .

Flow of Life Offerings

One session starts the relaxation and healing process, multiple sessions strengthen that healing and take it deeper, awakening the conscious and unconscious abilities within you to heal, restore, and retain the balance you achieve during our time together.

~Wellness Coaching and Lifestyle Redesign (may include Reiki, Nutrition education, and meditations.)

~Reiki Therapeutic Touch sessions (Private sessions $125, package rates available and most beneficial for lasting change.  Group rates vary.) If you'd like to try a Reiki mini-experience, see Events page to find a group experience at a local business or happening.

~Distance Reiki (one time, weekly, monthly per your request. Prices vary.)

~Guided Meditations for Soul~Body~Mind Alignment- private or event offerings.
        See Events page for Current Classes and Groups at Blue Lotus Yoga of Monroe, CT.

~Business Team Building and Group Events for cohesion, growth, and fluidity. 

~Spiritual Blessings and Ceremonies  (Steph is an Ordained Minister and is working on her PhD of Divinity.)

~Smudging (Sage Cleansing) for homes, work spaces, offices and when taking on new endeavors, transitional times or moving on from a relationship.

*All prices vary. Money, like life, is fluid. Ask Steph.

Payment available with Paypal (and Venmo soon), cash or check. 


Stephanie Mendite works wholeheartedly and privately with you to give you the information and guidance you're searching for to manage your stressors, make your chronic illness more manageable, and find solution to your struggles. Steph utilizes various techniques and gentle therapeutic approaches to balance stress, uncertainty, grief and PTSD, and many other emotional, mental and spiritual dilemmas that hold us back from creating the life we yearn to be living. Your innate ability to heal yourself lies within you, and together we can uncover that ability so you can go forward living and feeling better. 

I am honored to work with you on your path to creating a deeper authenticity in your life. 

Flow of Life Wellness




Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat by appt.

Steph offers individual sessions at 94 Locust Ave, Danbury, CT.
Located inside CCWC.

Housecalls upon request.

Business Events too!!

The mission of Flow of Life Wellness is to aid individuals and groups on their path to improving overall well-being through the utilization of mind-body-spirit awareness techniques that facilitate growth and development.